With a single exception (1984 in Amsterdam), Roger Lips never exhibited his drawings. And yet his sketches and drawings as well as his paintings superimposed on photos and postcards form an important foundation for the later re-working via drawings on the slides. It seems that in later years Lips no longer valued his earlier drawings. Unlike the photographs there are few original drawings in the estate. Many small-sized works are found in the sketchbooks and diaries or were sent as “designer postcards.” Some of them must be regarded as lost. We know about these works from the reprographies, which Roger Lips made himself. However this material is comparatively unordered, so looking through things completely will still take some time.

Further reproductions will be included at a later date.

Postkarte frühe Zeichnung
Postcard in relief print, which Lips had made before 1985 from four of his own motifs.