Catalogue of Artwork – Roger Lips

For the first time you have the chance for a comprehensive overview of Roger Lips’ artwork with the use of the available CD or through the Internet pages.

Right now the Catalogue of Artwork contains all of Lips’ works that he framed himself and/or works that were exhibited during his lifetime. A few items and the drawings from before 1984 are not yet listed and will be included at a later date.

The Biography and Exhibition Catalogue are now only done in a tabular form. Both of these should be included in the future in a more comprehensive form with secondary material supplemented by text and pictures. The menu and navigation bars already indicate this.

Without title, 1984 84_021

The rubric “Work Groups” should provide an alternative introduction into Lips’ works. Important items appear here along with short introductory comments.

The two other entry points are the Articles, which were written about Roger Lips at different periods of time and are documented here with the pictures they describe, and naturally the chronological Catalogue of Artwork, which is divided into four groups to allow for the time necessary to load the pictures.

The chronological ordering chosen is usually close to the printing date – that is, the completion and authorization of the graphics, since Lips set in motion a creation process for the pictures that contained innumerable intermediary steps and could extend over years. For the first exposure (or step in the process) he usually began with a snapshot – a photo that was taken during one of his trips. An exception for this is the abstract color dissolutions that were done in the late ’80s, but these were printed unchanged only for a large exhibition in 1991.

85_001 85_002
Without title, 1985 Without title, 1985

All the small photos, whether in the Articles section or in the general overview pages of the Catalogue (up to the completion, the only exceptions are the Exhibition Catalogue and the “Drawings” in the Index of Work Groups) can be clicked on to change over to a page, which allows full-screen viewing. With the 2- and 3-picture-groupings there are pages inserted, which show the groups as an entirety.

The numbering in the Catalogue of Artwork is not necessarily chronological. It follows rather the date of publications and the discovery in the estate. The "SB" in front of the numbers refers to the "Sammlung Bungter" (Bungter Collection).

A little tip for everyone who visits this site more frequently: You can interrupt the introductory section and go directly to the Catalogue of Artwork if you click on “”

And now – have fun as you discover the artist Roger Lips.

Berlin, May 1999, Thomas Michalak

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