The exhibition overview at this time only contains the items as a tabular listing. In 1999/2000 it will be replaced with more comprehensive information including reprint of reviews, invitations, links to each displayed work as well as installation photos.

The Exhibitions during 1984 - 1987

Wuppertal 84_030 Wuppertal 84_031
Both of these works were probably only displayed once – in the cultural supporting program side show at the 1986 post-nuclear Action Days in Wuppertal.

“Roger Lips”, Warmoestraat 139, Amsterdam, individual exhibition


“Male Portraits” (Photo-Graphics), in the Frauen Mode Boutique Looping (Women’s Fashion Boutique Looping), Wuppertal, individual exhibition


“1 + 1 = 3”, Gallerie Appendix (Appendix Gallery), group exhibition

“Positiv - Negativ” (Positive - Negative), Bund bildener Künstler (Association of Artists for the Fine Arts), Cologne, group exhibition

“Körperbilder” (Body Pictures), Gallerie Lichtraum/Claasen und Matz (Light Expanse Gallery/Classen and Matz), Cologne, group exhibition

“Wandlungen einer Doppelnatur, Foto-Graphien” (Transformations of a Dual Nature, Photo-Graphics), Gallerie Lichtblick (Ray of Hope Gallery) as a guest at the Kreishaus-Gallery, Cologne, individual exhibition, catalogue

Post-nuclear Action Days in Wuppertal, group exhibition


“Neue Arbeiten von 12 Fotografen” (New Work from 12 Photographers), Gallery Ton Peek, Amsterdam, group exhibition

“Männerakt” (Male Act), Gallerie Die Wand (The Wall Gallery), Bonn, group exhibition

“Roger Lips – Photo-Graphs ‘Wandlungen einer Doppelnatur’” (Transformations of a Dual Nature), The University Art Gallery, University of North Alabama, USA, individual exhibition

“Die Welt der Insekten” (The World of Insects), Gallery Olaf Zimmermann, Cologne, group exhibition